A Divorce can be an overwhelming process whether it be a Contested or Uncontested Divorce.  Let our office assist you in naviagating the court system and releiveing the stress.  

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Uncontested Divorce


If you and your spouse agree to divorce and agree on all the terms of the divorce then you can proceed with an Uncontested Divorce.  The paper work is minimal and the court processing time is greatly reduced.  



A contested divorce when there is no settlement.  This type of divorce can be expensive and could take up to years for a Trial.  However, most divorce cases start as a contested and with the assistance of skilled attorneys can be resolved.  Call our office to discuss your rights. 



New York States mandates maintenance depending upon the combined marital income .   Do not negotiate any agreement for maintenance without obtaining legal advice from a skilled attorney.  Call our office today for a consultation.

Legal Fees


If you are the lower earning spouse, you may be entitled to attorney fees from your spouse.  Call today to discuss your rights.